April 6th, 2016
Have you had this experience? 
You've ordered your coffee (and treat) at the local donut shop, drive up to the window and the server says...
"You're all set, the party ahead of you bought your coffee".

Wow you say, surprised and delighted when handed your free coffee...and business card.

Throughout your morning you relate your story to your friends and co-workers, and while doing so show the business card of the person who was so generous to you on your way to work.
Now suppose you have a business presence on Facebook and you're monitoring your account (this is where I come in) and a conversation between fans of your business reveals a need in the community.
And suppose that was a need your business could meet...with just a little effort.
Guess what.
If you take the initiative you'll be creating goodwill and  influence in your community (and on your social business page) that's hard to match.

But a word of caution, by all means be "genuine" in intent and purpose.
You don't want to come off as having done the right thing merely for the press you gain.
It's not hard to see a need when you're on social media either...you can even make a contest up among your employees.
The possibilities for creating brand awareness, community, and goodwill is endless.

Return on investment (ROI) for social media?
You won't find a better example.

-John Keyser
"Social Media Management for Small Business"