Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"He Brews" Coffee House artist announced for May at Damariscotta Baptist Church

This month we'll be featuring Doug Nye, a Christian songwriter and performer that will be with us for the first time. It's been an exciting series of coffee house performers for a variety of reasons. Every month brings a new artist so that generally creates an air of excitement. Our own praise band is also ready by that point to kick up the volume a little ( keeping it low in church)and generally have an all out jam with whoever shows up. Add the ingredients of free coffee and treats and you have one wired bunch praising the lord!
All kidding aside, I'm amazed at how God works. There's always at least one person who attends who is deeply in need of prayer and fellowship. And that's why we do it after all. It's an outreach to our community for fellowship. There's no pressure to "join" or "contribute", or anything of that nature. Just extending a loving hand when possible.
The "He Brews" coffee house event takes place every third Friday of the month. Doug Nye will be performing on Friday, May 21st at 7:00pm followed by an "open mic" jam with DBC Praise Band in the fellowship hall, downstairs at Damariscotta Baptist Church, 4 Bristol road, Damariscotta, Maine.

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