Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Many years on the road, some are lost, some are told

While the name of my blog site may not be original, it is significant. The Jimi Hendrix Experience was quite a shock to this skinny, high school band drummer. I made it my mission to learn "Fire" note-for-note so I could impress my friends. And mightilly impressed they were. I'd crank up my mother's console stereo ( which I later dismantled to gaze lovenly at those large 12" speakers) and flail away with pure joy. Of course, I'm sure I was no way as good as Mitch (God rest his soul) but at the time it didn't matter to me or my friends. It was the energy!

There had been other bands that had arrived on my radar earlier. Bands like Paul Revere & the Raiders which peaked my interests in good melodies. This group, as well as lps from The Byrds, The Doors, Buffalo Springfield all fired my imagination. And they all hit me at once, thanks to Columbia House's 12 lps for 1 cent.
But Jimi and the boys, man! They just cut loose. At this point it was all about working all summer mimicing their sound in my bedroom studio.
In those days it was easy to play for hours on my drums, and when people complained I would lay out hardcover books on my bed and rat-a-ta-ta on those. Now, the arms have a life time on wear on them from playing rock drumming. It will be a good thing to talk about. Sharing notes on how we deal with the wear on our arms and wrists.
I'd like to hear what Hendrix song was hot for you. Drop a comment, drummer or not!

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