Thursday, January 1, 2009

The coldest gig of the year!

As usual, playing on New Year's Eve can be a bitter sweet event. Most likely you're making the most money for one night in the calendar year you can ( club musicians ) but at the same time there can be all sorts of drawbacks. This year my girlfriend didn't make it. This is especially glum because she's hasn't seen me play in bands that much and was missing out because of difficulties like distance, out-of-state relatives in town and other annoying hindrances.
The other factor this year was bitter cold. I mean way below zero with the wind chill factor!
I'm told it definitely cut down on the crowds moving between venues.
But, in the end alls well that ends well. With check in hand I drove home, knowing I wouldn't be getting pulled over for drunk driving as I don't drink.
I hope your gig this year was good and you don't have any horror stories to tell. But if you do, drop me a comment.

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