Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hot Rods and Tendonitis

by John Keyser

It occurred to me that maybe some of you older players may not be aware of a product that could cut down on the arm pain, mainly tendinitis, that you're probably experiencing after years of playing drums. They're call "Hot Rods". That's the Pro Mark version that I use. They're widely made under different names by various stick companies and come in different diameters, presumably for different effects.

While they're great for low volume gigs I especially like them because they don't transfer "shock" from playing, up your arms. And believe me, after 40 years of playing rock it can hurt pretty bad! With a little experimentation you could probably make your own too. I tend to "chew" them up on my hi hats. I picked up a bunch of shiskabob sticks for a buck in the local "Christmas Tree" shop and plan on hot-gluing them together. If you've already done this give me a shout on how yours turned out.

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