Saturday, August 18, 2012

Road Trip to Guitar Center

I'm not one to toot the horn of chain-music-stores, but I do like going to guitar center. Let's face it, in order to have vast quantities of gear to oogle and play with you must go to a store with buying power.
And Guitar Center has that!

I went down to meet someone who was buying my entry level telecaster copy. I hate selling gear but I have really not used it in some time. The bridge was inexpensive and there was always at least one string out of tune. Anyway, I rushed right in to see what I might find, and I did come across something new. A small snare timbale drum. Neat. It has a "throw off" snare and can go just about anywhere. Since it's $89.00 it went on my "wish list" this time around. What I really need is a Cajon. And a rolling trap case. And a new boom stand. Well, I digress.

GP Percussion LT156 13 in. and 14 in. Timbales Set with Stand and Bell (Google Affiliate Ad)

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